Our Aims

Some of the reasons for doing this and aims we'd like to meet.

Have fun!

Prevent (more) stuff going to landfill.

Empower people to repair their own stuff.

Create a community who help others by using their (repair or other) skills.

Lengthen the life of items – saving money and resources.

Create an open, accessible and welcoming space for people to get their stuff fixed for free (donations will be welcome).

Create a space for people to learn, share and use their knowledge.

Be the springboard for other community projects;

Things Library


Group projects

Who We Are

How this got started.

Hi, I'm Guy - it's my fault all this. That's not me on the left by the way and I don't know those people above either. We just needed some images. ;-)

I’ve been fixing (breaking) stuff since I was a kid. Can’t help it. I’m just not satisfied if I don’t know how something works, what’s inside or how to get into it. This has helped me fix a lot of stuff.

Recently I’ve moved to Dumfries and I wanted to join a group where I could put those skills to use. I couldn’t find one. I asked around and found that some people at the Stove Project and MSQ had been thinking about a repair café/repair shop for a while, but hadn’t had the time to put anything in place.

Err, ok – I’ll do it. So here I am, asking you to help get this thing setup.

Let’s see what happens…

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